What are sister cities?

President Eisenhower created Sister Cities International as a way to create bonds of peace and prosperity across the world. Because of rapid globalization in the past century, international cooperation between cities through exchanges of culture, business, education, and development is critical to ensuring progress and acceptance.

What are the benefits from being an affiliated member?

Dues paying members get full access to all the resources that Sister Cities International has to offer, such as grants for projects regarding sister cities. Other benefits include toolkits and templates, numerous networking opportunities, and discounted travel insurance, immunizations, and background checks.

Sister Cities in Indiana

Mission of Indiana Sister Cities

To empower Hoosiers to become Citizen Diplomats by creating and promoting international connections and experiences. 

We aim to: 

• Increase the visibility of Sister Cities International in Indiana 

•Increase the number of Sister Cities International members in Indiana 

•Strengthen connections with Sister Cities International 

•Share best practices of sister cities initiatives within and between Hoosier cities 

Tim McGowan